Mapping and Inventory

with satellite images combined with ground reference data

Accurate maps of your forests and crops in any region of the world

Up-to-date stand segmentation to improve modelling and planning 

Cost efficient characterization of forests according to diameters, heights, species, and basal area

Audit your previous inventories with our inventory results

We helped the World Bank map all the biomass resources in the whole country of Pakistan

Mapping Pakistan's biomass resources.
Mapping Pakistan's biomass resources.


  • For mapping, we use open data provided by the Sentinel satellites. If more detail is required, we use images provided by commercial satellites. This solution can be supported by field reference data - for example with TRESTIMA, a smartphone app providing measurement data and audit trail. ​

  • For inventories, we need to generalize the field measurements over the complete analysis area. To accomplish this, we combine high-resolution optical satellite images and the Probability interpretation method (developed for forest biomass estimation at the VTT research center in Finland). 


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