• Simosol Oy

Foresights for Baltic Forests

Sustainable forestry requires a forward thinking mindset, but not only that. It also requires reliable tools for forecasting forest development and understanding the long-term effects of our actions. Tornator, the largest private forest owner in Finland and Estonia, has successfully implemented such tools; many of which have been designed and delivered by Simosol.

Recently, Tornator contracted Simosol to develop new forestry tools for short- and long-term planning specifically for their Estonia projects. Together with Tornator Eesti, the Simosol team implemented a new forest simulator which can accurately forecast forest growth, as well as project future wood and cash flows.

Developing forest planning tools for a new country is always a challenge. However, given Simosol’s experience in implementing tailored forest planning tools across the world, Tornator was able to get the tools customised exactly to their specific needs. The tools include local forest growth models as well as the whole business logic that considers local forest management guidelines, regulations and legislation, as well as other specific requirements. These new tools are provided to Tornator Eesti through the Iptim Assets planning app, as well as Tornator Eesti’s custom forest planning service API.

Read Tornator Eesti’s blog post on the new planning tools here and watch a video on how Tornator uses Simosol’s forest planning tools below.

Currently Simosol is also adapting Iptim Assets to Latvian and Lithuanian conditions. Your company can obtain these state of the art forest planning tools either by acquiring an Iptim license or by letting us run the planning tools for you as a service.

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