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Simulation and optimisation - Detailed and reliable plans enabled by accurate data

Smart Forestry webinar series: AFRY x Simosol, 3/5

After introducing the concept of Smart Forestry (webinar 1), and analysing the benefits of inventories at tree-level (webinar 2), our third webinar demonstrated the possibilities and benefits of simulation and optimisation with accurate data.

The discussion began by reviewing the intricate relationship between resource data, models, and planning. Tree-level data enables modelling and planning at the same resolution, enabling reliable wood and cash flow forecasting at wood assortment level. After that we draw the bridge from strategic forest management planning to tactical planning with geospatial and other operational aspects considered. The webinar was closed by explaining how in Smart Forestry the models constantly improve with big-data derived from repeated inventories and operations, enabling predictive analytics and site-specific management.

The outline of the webinar was:

  • What is the purpose of forest management planning?

  • How to understand the resource and forecast the future?

  • Tree-level data enabling tree-level growth modelling

  • Optimisation at strategic level

  • Geospatial optimization for operational planning

  • Predictive analytics and site-specific management

The webinar recording can be found here:

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