Optimizing a Teak Plantation and Monitoring Individual Logs

- Apical Reforestadora -


  • Estimate the amount and quality of the next season's harvest in a 5,000 teak plantation in Panama

  • Monitor each log from the forest to the log yards, and from the log yards to their customers


  • IPTIM Assets for accurate estimation of future harvests, cash flows and other key variables

  • IPTIM LogCount for monitoring of individual logs across the supply chain


  • Each individual log is tracked across the supply chain

  • Packing lists and other reports are easily generated

  • Models and planning are continuously improved

IPTIM Assets and IPTIM LogCount are perfect for each other

When working together, the results of LogCount allow our clients to continuously adjust the projections in Assets to improve modelling and planning. The results of Assets allow planning the optimized production that LogCount will monitor.

With LogCount we have shortened the lead time from the plantation to the harbor. We have also reduced our costs and increased significantly our operational efficiency. It also provides plenty of data for analysis, reports and operational purposes.

- Hannu Hietarvirta, General Manager, Apical 


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