Forest Management Planning and Supply Chain Optimization

through the IPTIM family solutions

IPTIM is composed of multiple solutions for management, control and optimization

Daily management solutions for storing data, analyzing data and assigning tasks

Control solutions to monitor activities in the field, machineries and individual logs

Optimization solutions to maximize profitability, minimize costs and ensure sustainability

IPTIM Manager

store all your data in a single platform and assign tasks to teams

IPTIM Mobile

monitor the development of each task in the field and communicate with crews

IPTIM SupplySense

track all your machineries and transportation fleet intelligently

IPTIM LogCount

monitor individual logs and their transportation across the supply chain


optimize the allocation of field workers and machineries in the working sites

IPTIM Operations

optimize any forestry project to the level of detail that you desire

IPTIM Roadplan

optimize your road planning and integrate it to optimized harvest schedules

IPTIM Assets

create strategic plans to maximize your returns and use the best modelling tools

IPTIM Optiops

obtain automated strategic planning for small scale forest owners


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